Scoring and Category Placement

Each dancer will receive one of the below placements below for participation in a category. Placement will be based on the average score given by three adjudicators out of 100 marks.

Special awards will be given by one of our esteemed judges at every awards ceremony during each regular competition day.


Over $50,000 in cash awards and scholarships will be awarded at ONE including the following:


Other Awards Include:


High Score Discipline Awards



Each eligible studio will be represented with one highest scoring group from 3 of the 4 competitive age divisions: Mini/Junior, Intermediate and Senior. (Mini and Junior age divisions are combined solely for The ONE) 
To promote strength and diversity in all ages and disciplines, each group must be from a different dance genre/category. If there is an overlap in dance genres from one age division to another, the second highest scoring group from the lower score of the two groups in question will be bumped up by default. In addition, each studio will have the opportunity to choose a "WILD CARD" group routine which could be from any of the 4 competitive age divisions but must represent a different dance genre/category than the other 3 qualifying groups.

The ONE studio VICTOR will receive a $15,000.00 CASH Prize!!!!

To note for The ONE:


ONE Shot - The Solo Competition

In this special portion of the competition, solo dancers will compete for a chance to win the title of ONE Shot: The Solo Competition VICTOR in each of four competitive divisions: Mini, Junior, Intermediate, Senior.

Dancers entered in this category will be involved in the following:


Each competitor will receive an exclusive ONE Shot participants gift!

Our ONE Shot VICTORS will receive a $500.00 CASH award and will be invited to perform their winning solo on our upcoming regional tours and National Finals!

To note for ONE Shot – The Solo Competition:
The ONE Shot VICTORS cannot compete in the ONE Shot solo competition in the following year.

ONE on ONE - The Improv Challenge

Dancers will be divided into two or more teams, depending on the final number of participants. The competition conveners will determine teams. Dancers will improv two at a time for an adjudicator's live score out of 10. The adjudicators’ panel will consist of three judges. The team to win the most ONE on ONE rounds of improv will be named the VICTORS and receive medal acknowledgement.

All competitors will receive an exclusive ONE on ONE Improv Challenge participant gift! 

To note for the ONE on ONE Improv Challenge:
Divisions: Junior – 12 years and under; Teen – 13 years and up
Entry fee: $50.00 per dancer 
Dress: Regular dancewear is required. Dress as though you are attending a workshop, audition or convention setting.
Music/Genre: The music selected varies in style and interpretation. Dancers should be prepared to dance in any of the following genres: Jazz, Contemporary, and Lyrical. Tap improv is also welcomed.

All dancers will be asked to meet backstage 30 minutes prior to their scheduled performance to receive a briefing and team designation.

Please Note: Monetary Awards are a reflection of the entries.





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